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Is Rock Solid Decks Insured?

Yes. Rock Solid Decks is fully insured against all liability and it's employees are protected by Workman's Compensation. Your home is safe with us!




What about deck repairs and remodels?

Rock Solid Decks will design, remodel, repair and/or add onto your existing deck. Give us a call for an estimate.




What kinds of decks does Rock Solid Decks build?

  • First and second floor decks
  • Juliets (second floor balcony)
  • Pressure treated and hardwood decks
  • Composite decks
  • Free standing decks
  • Overbuilt decks for large hot tubs




How do I know you're using the same materials as other contractors?

Rock Solid Decks uses only the best materials around. Check out our Materials Page for a list of brand names, sizes, materials and methods.




What about screen rooms and farmer's porches?

Rock Solid Decks does a limited number of screen rooms and farmer's porches each year. Call for for more details.




Does Rock Solid Decks paint or treat decks?

No. Rock Solid Decks is solely a carpentry/masonry based construction company. We offer no chemical treatments of any kind and no painting what-so-ever. We do offer advice however, so feel free to ask for recommendations.




What about underdecking?

Underdecking is usually a viable option for those who want a dry patio beneath their second floor deck. Call for details or you can schedule an estimate.



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